Wingspan I
Lotus Moon
Amethyst Window
Embrace (revisited)
River of Orchids No. 2
River of Orchids No. 3
Estuary II
Too Much Heaven
Listening Tree
Hover the Line
Systems Glitch
First Pressing
"Flare" from the Hourglass Series
Flicker (Hourglass Series)
Running Backwards Through the Canyon (Hourglass Series)
River of Orchids No. 1
Standing Wave
Wave Chamber
Thera III
Thera I
Thera II
One Slip
Sweet Dreams
Study for Lotus Moon
Systems Grow
River Beneath the River
Yellow Must Pass Through Green
The Cello Played Blue
Systems Nest
Puff of Gold
Suspended Animation
Vein of Gold I
Vein of Gold II
Systems Cycle
Lasso the Moon
Dive No. 7
Dive No. 8
Dive No. 9
Dive No. 10
Stardust Rivers No. 2
Out of Focus
Emergence (Study V)
Magnolia in the Valley of Fires No.1
Love Supreme
Oil and Water Part 1
Too Much Heaven (study)
Dance of the Prickles
Ordinary Heart
Glass Lily
Colour of Spring No. 1
Colour of Spring No. 2
Colour of Spring No. 3
Forgotten Time
Calm in the Patience
Hello Moon Flower
Adrift in the Shallows
Like a Stone
I am the Sky
Carpet Ride
I am the Lightning
I am the Night
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