Texas Disaster Relief Resources

"Systems Cycle", ink and acrylic on Claybord, 18"x18", 2017

"Systems Cycle", ink and acrylic on Claybord, 18"x18", 2017

Updated 9/6/17. A lot of friends have asked me how they can help with the situation happening in Texas with Hurricane Harvey. I've compiled a list of non-profits and organizations that I personally support and that provide aid Texas-wide. If you would like to contribute your time or financial support, pick one that speaks to you and start there. Also, there is an urgent need for Type O blood, both + and -, so please consider donating blood or seeking out a local blood drive in your area.

Feel free to share this post, I'll update it with new information as needed. This is not something that is going to be resolved in a few days or weeks, maybe even years to come. We are a wealthy nation, but because there is such a disparity between wealth and poverty, non-profits can help fill in that gap. I thank you for your generosity and kindness. Stay safe and dry!

1) Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asks for monetary support to go to the Harvey Hurricane Relief fund via Greater Houston Community Foundation 

2) Austin Pets Alive needs volunteers and monetary donations to help our furry friends during the disaster in Texas. They also have an Amazon Wish List set up updated daily with items needed.

3) Austin Disaster Relief Network is real Texas-wide help with 360 care. They need monetary and in-kind donations 

4) We are Blood desperately needs Type O+ and - or monetary donations.

5) Central Texas Food Bank needs monetary donations in order to provide ready to eat meals. Please do not send canned goods at this time

6) Resources for our artist friends in Texas via Glasstire, a Texas-based non-profit visual arts magazine.

7) HEB, a Texas grocer, has been wonderful throughout the disaster providing mobile food trucks and hot meals to anyone in need in coastal areas. They have additionally donated $100,000 to the effort. You can add to that by choosing a $1, $3 or $5 tear pad at checkout.

8) Houston Food Bank, monetary and in-kind donations and volunteers needed.

9) Blue Santa is asking for donations for children thru 9/15. They need toys, games and art materials to occupy their time while in shelters and during clean up. This will also help them cope with the psychological effects of enduring a disaster of this magnitude.

Build Hope, Not Walls

Found brick.

Found brick.

Finished brick. "All We Are", ink acrylic, gold pigment and wax on found brick, 9"x2.75"x3.25", 2017

Finished brick. "All We Are", ink acrylic, gold pigment and wax on found brick, 9"x2.75"x3.25", 2017

You may be asking yourself, "is that a brick?". Yes, it's a brick, my first one to paint in fact! I was invited to participate in Build Hope, Not Walls, a fundraiser to help immigrants and refugees in Texas through donations to American Gateways, Casa Marianella, Preemptive Love Coalition and Refugee Services of Texas.

When asked to participate, I woke up the next morning with a clear image of what I would do. I went straight out to my yard and this is the first brick I picked up. Surprisingly, it had the word "Mexico" boldly embossed across the front. It was perfect!

I set to work on the disintegrated parts to make them look and feel like a geode or deposits of turquoise. Quickly, my humble brick was transformed into one with a message that will speak in unison with the other 150 artists participating in this event.

I was thinking about how the US relationship with Mexico is crumbling. Then, I began listing all the beautiful things that would be walled up on the other side starting with the people, then onto a geological perspective and then the Gulf of Mexico, the Mayan ruins, all of it. This brick represents the power of beauty that comes from the inside and how it can overcome both decay and barriers. I hope some of that comes across. I am not sure if that's a maker's mark on the side, but it does look a lot like one.

To learn more about the project, visit https://www.buildhopenotwalls.com/or come to the exhibit October 13-15 2017 at Big Medium Gallery in Austin, TX.