Summer art install in Santa Fe, NM

Art installation in private residence, Santa Fe, NM, August 2018. Original art from the Elements Series by Andrea Pramuk. Original music and video production by John Orr Franklin.

This special installation was carefully documented and scored with original music by John Orr Franklin (visit his website for a listen and downloads). This was a commission of Earth’s Elements that I worked on for most of the Spring and Summer. I had the good fortune to be able to finalize and install it in a private collector’s home in August, driving the finished work with John from Austin to Santa Fe through the enchanting Southwest. Over the years, I’ve developed a special relationship with this collector, so I feel this was more of a collaborative project than just art for hire. She envisioned earth’s elements, “Earth, Wind, Fire and Water”, as could be translated through my work. In a sense, I became the conduit for the original concept and then we developed the complex color palettes together. The pieces were custom made on Claybord to fit the space, 36”x72” and 42”x72”; all these gorgeous panels were made by Ampersand, in Buda, TX. This project was a real thrill for me to work on and I am very happy with the end result. I hope you enjoy the video and sneak peak at this beautiful Santa Fe home. What a wild summer adventure this was!